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Aviva Car Insurance Singapore – Choose the Right One For Your Needs



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aviva car insurance singapore

AVIVA Insurance is a leading insurer in Singapore, with different coverage plans to suit different needs. Choose the right one for your needs based on your budget and driving habits. This article will explain the differences between Comprehensive, Lite, and Prestige insurance plans, as well as the Dual-Year plan. You’ll also learn the benefits of each. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service representatives.

Comprehensive plan

Aviva car insurance Singapore provides a comprehensive range of benefits are highly customizable. Among these benefits are named driver, increased excess, audio coverage, and loss of keys. You can save $25 by selecting the “Go Green” option. For additional peace of mind, the comprehensive plan also comes with best-in-class claims service. You can expect a response from an agent within 20 minutes of filing a claim.

The Singlife with Aviva Motor Standard plan offers a competitively-priced comprehensive insurance plan. Compared to other policies, this plan offers additional benefits to families, including unlimited windscreen claims, a free ride home after an accident, and eCall for notified authorities if the driver has an accident. You can also take advantage of a special discount of around seven to ten percent for a yearlong policy. This plan also includes personal accident and medical expenses coverage worth up to S$2,500.

Lite Insurace plan

The Singlife with Aviva Lite insurance plan from Aviva provides basic coverage and a savings of 20 to 30% compared to the market average. However, this plan does not include roadside assistance or the eCall feature, which are essential for drivers in Singapore. Other benefits include coverage for child seats, a brand new car replacement, and S$500 of medical expenses. If you’re looking for a low-cost insurance plan for your Singapore car, you may want to look at the Aviva Lite plan from Singlife.

Unlike many other companies, Aviva offers customized plans that cover modifications to your car. The basic plan waives the excess for young drivers, and the Standard plan reduces your NCD by 10%. Aviva also offers an extra coverage add-on called the No Claims Discount (NCD) Protector. This add-on resets your NCD after one accident and penalizes you for an additional accident. It’s worth noting that this premium increase applies only to new customers and the promo is valid till April 30, 2021.

Prestige Insrance plan

If you’re looking for a new motor insurance plan, the Prestige plan from Aviva Singapore might be the one you’re looking for. The company has introduced eCall, an automated rapid emergency call service, as part of its new Prestige tier. Last year, there were 118 fatal accidents and 122 lives lost. In such a situation, speed is crucial to survival. In collaboration with Starhub, Aviva has developed this technology.

This plan from Aviva comes with many perks, and it is the most expensive one. It includes a young driver’s waiver, Singlife with Aviva, and eCall, a service that contacts emergency services automatically in the event of an accident. It also has a low NCD penalty, and it has more benefits than other car insurance policies. Those with the Standard plan are also entitled to free ride home from the hospital.

Dual-year Insurance plan

The Singlife with Aviva Prestige car insurance plan is one of the best value plans for families with luxury cars. Premiums are between seven to ten percent below the market average. Premiums are guaranteed to not increase as long as there are no changes to the profile. Other benefits include eCall, which contacts emergency services if a car accident results in injury or death. You also get a free ride home if you are involved in an accident. Personal accident coverage is also included.

The Aviva Young Scholar Secure plan protects your child’s future and guarantees funding for his or her education. This plan has many benefits, including guaranteed money back in the event of the policy-holder’s death and a tax advantage on premium payments. The Aviva New Family Income Builder plan pays back premiums over the first 12 years and offers seven annuity options. The plan is tax-efficient as well, providing a lump sum if your child passes away.


Max Life Insurance Review – Is Max Life Trustable?



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Max Life Insurance Review

Are you looking for a reliable life insurance company? If so, consider Max Life Insurance. Founded by Analjit Singh in 2000, this company is a joint venture between Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and Max Financial Services. Besides life insurance, Max Life Insurance also offers child protection and development plans, investment funds, and retirement plans. In this article, we will look at the financial stability and customer service of Max Life Insurance.

Review of Max Life Insurance

In this Max Life Insurance review, we will look at the company’s claim settlement ratios and claim settlement history. The company is a reputable insurance provider with a long track record of providing good customer service. We will look at how much of a commitment the company places on the needs of its customers. We will also look at the company’s financial strength as measured by the IRDAI. Max Life has a strong track record and a superior human capital. With more than 35 lakh customers, more than 12,082 employees and 48,522 insurance agents and 239 offices in India, we will find out whether Max Life is a good investment option for you.

The company’s customer service hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. India Standard Time, and they offer live chat support online. Though Max Life Insurance does not receive an official rating from accredited agencies, its customer service has received a number of negative reviews from third-party review sites. The complaints focus on long waiting periods and billing issues. However, these are minor problems when compared to the company’s excellent service.

Review of Max Life Insurance’s financial stability

The company offers many insurance products, including a child policy. This policy provides a death benefit to the child, as well as the parents’ money for the child’s education. Max Life Insurance advertises this product as both a child plan and a parent plan. Both of these products combine the benefits of life insurance with education savings. In addition to the child plan, Max Life Insurance also offers several other insurance riders, such as health insurance, disability insurance, and accidental death benefits.

Review of Max Life Insurance’s website

A review of Max Life Insurance’s website will help you determine whether this insurance provider is right for you. This company offers many different types of insurance policies. The traditional life insurance policy, for example, offers many benefits and paybacks. Max Life Insurance’s website has a handy online form where you can input your information and receive a quote. You can also choose benefits and riders if you desire. Once you select a plan, you’ll receive a receipt with details of your policy and payment. The online portal allows you to select your city and educational background, as well as select your occupation.

This insurance provider offers a variety of riders for its policy holders. Riders are optional extensions of coverage. You can choose to increase your coverage amount based on certain milestones in your life. For example, you can choose a critical illness rider that lets you access the face value of your death benefit early if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness. Some riders require additional premium payments, but the overall cost of your policy won’t be prohibitive.

Review of Max Life Insurance’s customer service

This Max Life Insurance customer service review will explain how to get the best possible experience when dealing with this insurance company. The company’s customer service is excellent, and the executives are more than willing to answer your questions and address your concerns. You can even speak with the CEO of the company, Prashant Tripathy, himself an Indian national. However, if you’re not a citizen of India, you may find the eligibility requirements for this insurance policy a little frustrating. Regardless, Max Life Insurance’s customer service is unmatched by any other company in the industry.

Customer support at Max Life is available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. India Standard Time, and the company has live chat support online. The company does not have an accredited rating agency, but it does have many negative customer reviews on third-party review websites. Some of these complaints relate to long wait times and billing issues. You may want to do a bit more research before purchasing a policy.

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HDFC Term Insurance – Important Things You Should Look For



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buy hdfc term insurance

HDFC life insurance company has its official website where you can buy term plans. You can choose from a range of options, fill in the details and choose your preferred plan. To make your payment, go through the steps outlined in the payment confirmation email. This will confirm that your transaction was successful. You will receive your policy documents soon. Once you have received them, you are ready to buy your term plan. In this article, we will discuss the important things you should look for when buying HDFC term insurance.

Check for add-on covers

When you buy a HDFC term insurance plan, you get a lump sum amount when you die. The plan offers nine types of cover with low premiums. There is also a choice between paying a set amount each month or a rising payout each year. If you choose the increasing payout option, the sum assured will rise by ten percent per annum. The sum assured can be increased at different milestones in your life.

Another important feature of any term insurance plan is the add-on coverage. These extra coverages increase the protection of the plan. For example, you can increase the insured amount of a plan by ten percent every year. If you want to increase the amount of cover for your HDFC term insurance plan, you simply make an additional premium payment to your existing policy. You do not need to undergo medical tests or purchase a new policy.

Check for regular intervals

HDFC term insurance is a simple, affordable way to provide substantial coverage for a low monthly premium. A term insurance plan covers you for a specified period and is the simplest form of insurance. It serves a purpose of financial dependence protection, and provides a lump sum death benefit to help you manage your expenses and reach your financial goals. Many term insurance plans also allow you to add riders, which can further argue for the policy.

When buying HDFC term insurance, you should check how the policy pays out. Different plans pay out in different ways. Some payout in a lump sum, others pay out in regular intervals. Others are geared toward paying out regularly, while others pay out at regular intervals. Make sure to check these regular intervals when buying HDFC term insurance. You should also check for any policy that offers a free look period.

Check for income benefit on accidental disability rider

You can add an income benefit on accidental disability rider to your existing HDFC Life insurance policy if you are disabled. This rider has certain eligibility criteria. You can choose to take the rider at the time of policy inception or at your policy anniversary, and the amount will be paid out over the policy term. You can choose the maximum sum assured payable under the income benefit on accidental disability rider of HDFC term insurance.

The maximum sum assured under the plan is 2 crores. This rider doubles the amount of the tax exemptions under section 80D. However, you should make sure that the beneficiary of the policy is responsible and competent enough to manage the funds. The accidental disability rider is available on many term insurance policies. This rider is worth checking out if you are prone to accidents. You can increase your sum assured to 80 lakhs with this rider if you live in hazardous areas.

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Life Asia Insurance Software – Step By Step Guide



buying term insurance online

The Asia insurance system is to provide complete security to your payments which you have earned very hardly. You are allowed to enjoy all the prestigious of life without fear of losing money or feeling misery at a time of severe illness. Insurance companies give you relief from all the tensions and let you celebrate your every precious moment.

However, several insurance companies are working around the world with a single motto: to provide complete security to your allowances. And gain the trust of the customers. Many people are participating in such insurance companies.

Furthermore, Life Asia Insurance Company provides you with all the benefits to fully gain your trust. It helps their customers by giving several relief and advantages to them.

What is Life Insurance Software?

Life Insurance Software is regarded as the online platform for ensuring your allowances by controlling all the systems in your hand. Online insurance companies give you the ability to seek a better member, ask questions from him for identifying him, and then build up your profile in the same insurance company software and Enjoy all the benefits of the company.

Several online insurance companies are working to serve their customers, such as Life Asia Insurance Software. This allows you to ensure lifetime protection.

The Benefits of Life Asia Insurance Software

All insurance software is working for the advantage of the customers. They provide several relief programs to ask their customers to participate and when a lot. Likewise, other insurance companies and software, Life Asia Insurance Software offer the following benefits to their customers;

To Control Insurance Process

The significant fact about Asia Life Insurance Software is that it gives you the ability to control your insurance process by choosing your contestant who will ensure your money. Many other features are included which are totally under your control.

To Create Your Profile

One of the essential elements bout this insurance software is that it gives you a chance to create your Asia Life Insurance Software profile.

Decrease Time Wasting

It is complicated for us to take extra time to visit the insurance company to ensure the allowances. To bring easiness to your life, Life Asia Insurance Software provides you the ability to manage your insurance account within your busy routine without losing any extra time.

Improve Association Efficiency

Asia Life Insurance Software improves association efficiency by providing several benefits of reducing troubles faced by the customers.

Easily Updating

One of the vital roles of online insurance software is that it gives you a notification of recent software updates. Life Asia Insurance Software also updates its customers by the news.

Self-Claim Processing

Another tangible benefit of Life Asia Insurance Software is that it allows you to claim your premium by yourself without the interruption of any third party. You can easily claim the process of your insurance while ensuring your money.

Digital Insurance

The modern and digital insurance where everyone features it according to your needs lets you establish your account by yourself without visiting any insurance office. You can do this procedure within your home or working place.

Life Asia Insurance Software is regarded as digital insurance where you can rejoice in all the insurance benefits.

asia insurance

Easily Accessible

Asia Life Insurance Software is a digital insurance software that is easily accessible to you. As all the related detail about the insurance software is mentioned online, you can easily save it on your phone and take pleasure in all the privileges of the site.

Agent Portal

Mostly all the online insurance software are agent portals like them. Life Asia Insurance Software also provides this resort to their customers. They can easily talk to the unit they have chosen for their insurance.

You can easily discuss the problems which arise during insurance will provide you with accurate details that will be very beneficial to you.


Life Asia Insurance Software customers can easily chat with a unit through the Chabot. This is very mean full to the customers and regarded more favorable to them.

How to Insured an Account in Life Asia Insurance Software?

It is effortless to insure an account in Life Asia Insurance Software. If you have any electronic device such as a mobile phone, laptop, etc., you can easily visit the software’s official site and ask the unit for the insurance account. Fill up the online form, choose your member, and finely ensure your understanding.

The Importance of Life Asia Insurance Software

Life Asia Insurance Software is critical because it provides you the ability to ensure your online account without visiting any insurance office. You can easily make your account within your device. It delivers various benefits to the customer, including;

  • No-Risk of Losing Money
  • Bonus for The Customers
  • Easily Accessible
  • Lifetime Insurance
  • 24/7-Hour Availability

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Life Asia Insurance Software?
  2. Life Asia Insurance Software is a digital insurance site where customers can easily ensure their allowances in their devices.
  3. What are the benefits provided by Life Asia Insurance Software?
  4. The basics benefits of Life Asia Insurance Software are given below;
  • To Control the Insurance Process
  • To Create Your Profile
  • Easily Accessible
  • Agent Portal
  • Chabot
  • Digital Insurance
  1. What is the importance of Life Asia Insurance Software?
  2. Asia Life Insurance Software provides you an opportunity to secure your life with life insurance packages. This will help you during crucial illnesses or provide you with death benefits. This insurance software also offers extra benefits to their customers.


Life Asia Insurance Software brings a significant change in introducing digital insurance accounts for customers in the digital world. Which can be easily accessible to them within their devices.

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